Golf Member Retention

Subject Summary

The private sector of the industry has evolved dramatically in the past 15 years. The diminishing joining fee and competitive green fee market has raised concerns over the retention of Members.

Head Greenkeepers provide excellent playing surfaces for Members to play on. Club staff continue to provide great facilities, service and a sense of belongings. Despite this, retention rates and renewals continue to be a challenge; understanding this trend will provide methods of combating it.
Promote Golf offers consultation to work towards reducing the Clubs leavers. This is achieved by the following methods; Effective ways of Member profiling, enhancing the Member experience, creating a sense of community and belonging, integrating new Members and, of course, identifying Members that are unlikely to renew.

Improving on these areas, together with the great condition of your course and superb customer service, will ensure your Clubs retention is as strong as ever.

Regardless of when the Club runs its renewals, calendar year, in the spring, rolling contract or April. Jointly a plan can be created to ease the renewal process and convince any wavering Members that playing at your Club will enhance their social time.

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